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Samsung no network Solution

no network error show many reasons one is imei number which i describe in previous post, now i tell one more reason to held this error, in which some time we select option only WCDMA / or 3G or 4G signals, and if in that place 3G or 4G facility not available then too you have show no notwork, and you disable to attend any call or dial a number of any other.

if no network error held from this reason then its solution is very simple: 

1)going in setting
2) after that going in more networks
3) after that network mode

then new window open here you see 
selected option is WCDMA only

or may be possible GSM only

you need to select WCDMA/GSM (auto connect)

now check for calling anyone, problem solved...


Samsung Glaxy ACE 2 IMEI Restore


Hello guys some time we have a problem in which our cell phone not show any signal, or network. then all time not sim jack problem, some time imei number going to null, or change from the real imei , thats the problem too for no network.
   now i tell you how to fix it:
first you check it the imei number to press *#06# 
this way show imei number, if it is null then you try to this method

then press *#197328640# now show the next menu as show in picture

now select option no 6 which is "commen"
after that select option no1 which is ftm
now see if the ftm setting is on
then you need to off it.
how doing off:
 press the menu button
then key input press the number 2 for off. 

after that remove the batry, sim card, and restart the cell phone

after the restart you need to press *#197328640# again

at this time you select option no 1 which is "debug screen"
after that click "phone control" option 8
then click on option 3 witch is "NAS Control"
then click "RRC(HSDPA)" option 5
now click on "Change RRC Revision" option 2
then click on release 5 "HSDPA only"

now restart the cell phone 
now insert the sim card and again check *#06# at this time it not be null 
so its not null show the real imei number then enjoy it problem solved.... :)

and some time show wrong imei number if held this problem then you need or if upper instructions are not helping or solved your problem then you need to reinstall the software, first you need to find the android software which is on your cell, version like ice cream, sandwich, jelly bean etc , download it and install it on your cell phone this way also you solved this problem. 

Nokia 107 LCD Light Problem

if you have this problem in which lcd light not show, and its like look off then you do not to worry you fix it very easily, you just need to make only one jumper then your problem is finished... :)

now i show you on which two points you need to make jumper:
no i show you the result of this jumper:
now enjoy the light of LCD.... :)


Nokia 1202 Charging Problem

Here some time we see in many sets when we connect the charger but show not charging , and in some cell phones show charger not supported, but here we discuss about Nokia 1202 problem like this:

now i hope you understand the problem, in which charging jack also working but this problem held. 
 so first you open it, come on motherboard, and clean the dust and after that open the mention cover,

 now soldering on the mention point. just you did it , now your cell is working good, and your not charging problem say good bye to you.... :) like this:


Nokia X2 keypad Not Working

I see in Nokia X2 some time one problem held, in which some buttons are not working like 0, 8, 5,2 etc. if this problem held then i show you on which point you soldering then this problem is finished.

These points you soldering which is left and right from the battery connector, now i hope you understand easily.


Nokia 225 Charging Problem

Some time our cell not charging, when its held then possible one reason held 
1) charging connector/jack damage
2) connection problem
              Normally we fix it just to change the charging jack, and the problem is solved but if this method not fix the problem then follow the diagram and apply jumpers to fix it.

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